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Today different applications have appeared for many spheres of life and it simplify the life for customers and performers: taxi, food ordering, hotels booking, housing rent, etc. But the sphere of ceremonial services is still left in the basket. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is often associated with sad circumstances, but the fact is that it is the billions of dollars market and its Uberisation is inevitable.

The problem of choice

The world globalization leads to the fact that hundreds of millions of people leave their native cities and countries for thousands of kilometers, but often in their homeland there are memorable burial places of their relatives. And often the borders and distances do not allow to look after the grave of relatives or to carry flowers on the Memorial Day. Therefore, people have a need to find a remote performer to look after the grave or to deliver the flowers and almost every city already has the companies that are ready to offer this service. But to choose a good performer who, after payment, will guarantee us a qualitative performance of the service is very difficult. And the explanation to the performer, where the burial place is located by phone or in correspondence is a very difficult task for the customer.


To solve this problem, we have created the TombCare application - which allows us to solve the following tasks using the smart contract technology for the block system:

For the Customer

For the Performer

The future of the project, Scalability

In the world there is a huge number of burial places and for natural reasons the number is constantly growing. Most countries do not have centralized databases and centralized care services. At the same time, due to the increasing migration flows, the value of remote monitoring and ordering services in this area is growing.


$ 1 000 000 000 - Russia $ 25 000 000 000 - United States of America

Project structure

The application and TombTrack site

for iOS and Android platforms allows you to inventory burial locations directly from your phone or tablet by adding to the database: photo of burial place, name, date of birth and death, GPS coordinates.

The application and TombCare manager site

is a service for performers with full functionality to add services, process requisition, and preparation of reports on performance.

Application and TombCare site is

a client application that allows you to find a burial place, to make an order and to pay for a service.

Token and service payment





Total amount of tokens

13 600 000

Token platform


After the end of the ICO all tokens will be distributed among all purchasers in proportion to the exchanged funds. The token will be used as a single mean of payment for transactions payment within the project. In dealing payment, the customer will be able to pay for it with fiant money or with crypto currency, this amount will be converted into TcareCoin tokens and the performer, receiving tokens TcareCoin on his account can decide to which currency to transfer them.

The service will retain 20% of each order by distributing them according to the scheme below:

  • 5% is sent to pay for the capacity to store a single database.
  • 5% is sent to a TokenCare.Fund –project development fund using CARE token as internal Utility token.
  • 5% is sent for a specific transaction to the manager of TombTrack, who will create in the system a card of the burial place, on which the transaction was effected. This will stimulate the creation of content in the system and accelerate its scaling.
  • 5% will be used to provide the Tombcare team that supports the operation of the system.

Due to what the TombCare project will grow?

At the stage of token emmision amount of turnover will be no more than $1 000 000, then token will be used as a mean of payment within the system.

World's market of ritual services has volume more than $200 000 000 000. So with the release of the TombCare project to new markets and increase in orders of its services, the demand and cost of the token will grow.

TombCare Project Scheme

Scheme decoding

Buyer - crypto-exchange house, where the TombCare token is present and the exchange is embedded in our applications.

Customer - a client who needs a service for the care of the burial place, flowers delivery, wreaths on memorial dates, etc.

The performer is a ritual contractor assigned to this cemetry.

Data register/oracle - a single database: burial places (location, name, photo, GPS-coordinates), work reports, service sets, parameters for starting the execution of smart contracts.

Contacts set - smart contacts recorded in the blockchain performing the function of transparent calculations and guarantee of fullfillment of the task set by the customer.

Inventory TombTrack is a list of users with a unique thread of data entered by them in the database of graves.

The container store of tokens is a wallet, where part of the tokens is sent without the possibility to withdraw them from the wallet. That helps to reduce the tokens proposals on the market and to increase their value.

TokenCare.Fund - project development fund using TombCare token as internal utility token.

Purchaser's guide

The TombCare tokens are developed using the Ethereum ecosystem using the Token ERC20 standard. The ERC20 specification will be expanded to allow voting. The hard cap of the project is $1,000,000. Tokens emission occurs twice: at the time of pre-ICO launch and at the time of ICO launch. Total and final emission of tokens is 13 600 000. Further process of selling the tokens during crowdsale is described.


The time of the Pre-ICO is 25 October- 25 November 2017.

TombCare smart-contract carries out the emission of TombCare tokens, the amount of which will be emitted during Pre-ICO until reaching $200,000.

The time of the Pre-ICO is 25 October-25 November 2017.

Price of tokens on Pre-ICO is $1 = 20 tokens TombCare.

If you buy one-time tokens for $10,000 or more during this period, the special price is $1 = 30 TombCare tokens.


TombCare smart-contract carries out the emission of TombCare tokens, the amount of which will be emitted during the ICO until reaching $1,000,000. Tokens are sold at a fixed price of 10 TombCare = $1.

The rate of Ethereum to the US dollar is set at the time of the launch of the ICO, and is fixed for all collection time. The purchase is made by transferring the Ethereum to the address of the smart contract, and the sender of the transaction becomes the owner of the purchased tokens.

The duration of the ICO is 60 days from launch. The minimum amount needed to start the TombCare project is $500,000

For early buyers there is a system of discounts:

13 TombCare = $1 when purchasing the first day of the ICO;

12 TombCare = $1 when purchased during the first week of the ICO.

At a one-time purchase of tokens for $100,000 or more, a special price of 13 TombCare = $1 is valid for the entire ICO period.

After completion of the ICO, the funds are immediately transferred to the TombCare team on a multisig wallet with the signatures of the CEO and STO of the project.

The funds collected during the ICO will be used to implement the tasks of scaling the project:

  • Development team - 30.00%
  • Marketing and promotion - 60.00%
  • Management - 5.00%
  • Legal Department - 5.00%

If the necessary minimum funds for launching the TombCare project are not collected during the ICO, then all collected funds are returned to the buyers, minus commissions for transactions and gas costs.

After the ICO, there is no further additional emission of tokens.

For early buyers there is a system of discounts:

13 TombCare = $ 1 when purchasing the first day of the ICO;

12 TombCare = $ 1 when purchased during the first week of the ICO.

Links and contacts of the team


Andrey Simonov, Russia

CEO - Yarkov Team


Chief Technology Officer

Alexandr Blagodarenko, Ukraine

Founder & CEO, Executive Producer


Project manager

Vladimir Kostiuchenko , Ukraine

Project manager


Community manager

Kateryna Buyalskaya , Ukraine

Community manager


International development

Denis Sattarov, Russia

CEO - Zion Music



Ramnik Singh Kohli, India

Head Micromax for Russia & CIS Region



Arthur Pinchuk, Belarus

Board Director for IT Strategy



Bogdan Yosava, Spain

СBDO EGO creative media solutions



Joseph Shteinlauf, Israel

Leading analyst



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